years of expertise and know-how in the field of wavefront analysis and correction

sensors worldwide and counting

adaptive optics systems with ILAO & ILAO Star for high-power lasers in 10 countries

adaptive optics systems with Mirao52e for opthalmology and microscopy

Imagine Optic is a company comprising over 60 people and specializing in wavefront expertise. It has a strong engineering and R&D culture and a 25 year track record in providing ultra-precise wavefront sensors and adaptive optics solutions.

Our clients are leading tech corporations and public research institutions in a wide range of sectors, including astronomy, air & space, eyewear, ultra-intense lasers, microscopy, transportation and many more. They are as wide and varied as the uses and applications of optics and photonics

WaveSuite, WaveView, WaveTune, WaveKit, Pharao and HASO are trademarks owned by Imagine Optic SA.
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