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In 2020, the WaveSuite is evolving to better serve established practices that have made Shack-Hartman the standard benchmark in wave front sensing, and facilitate emerging needs in new areas of the R&D and industrial landscape.

This website inaugurates a period of transformation by allowing our users to update or upgrade their software online. Part of what prompted the launch of is to mitigate the impact of Microsoft ending its support for Windows 7 next Spring. We wanted to both make our users and customers wary of this evolution, and provide an effective solution to upgrade current versions. Spring will be the period of choice for special offers and free updates, following the official launch during Photonics West – stay tuned !

WaveView4 and WaveSuite 4.2, also to be announced in San Francisco in February, will offer enhanced functionalities and a new approach through dedicated interfaces. We will start shipping them with our HASOs and other systems during Q1 2020. Not all our legacy hardware will be compatible with WV4/WS4.2 and we are currently taking steps to assess retro-compatibility with a comprehensive set of existing hardware. Feel free to contact us for more information at

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