SMLS Fiber patch cord

Single-mode optical fiber for SMLS laser diodes.

This fiber patch cord has two FC/PC terminals.
In combination with SMLS, you can generate an ideal point-like source for optical metrology.

150 (VAT excl.)



Type Length Connections Core diameter NA
Optical fiber for SMLS-520 2 m FC/PC to FC/PC 3.0µm 0.10
Optical fiber for SMLS-635 2 m FC/PC to FC/PC 3.5µm 0.13
Optical fiber for SMLS-785 2 m FC/PC to FC/PC 4.0µm 0.14
Optical fiber for SMLS-1064 2 m FC/PC to FC/PC 5.3µm 0.14
Optical fiber for SMLS-1550 2 m FC/PC to FC/PC 8.2µm 0.14
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