WaveTune 4.1.10

WaveTune is a unique application that seamlessly combines wavefront measurement and correction features with extensive instrument diagnostics. It is perfectly adapted to our HASO wavefront sensors, ILAO Star, and mirAO deformable, and to a wide range of active components from other manufacturers.

Please enter your 4-digit HASO Serial Number to verify how you can update or upgrade to the latest version.


  • Zonal and modal wavefront reconstruction Real-time wavefront and intensity map
  • Full-pupil wavefront reconstruction even with random obstructions
  • Tilt and focus monitoring
  • Zero latency


  • Wavefront analyzer hardware control including integration time, trigger mode, averaging
  • Wavefront measurement
  • Target wavefront formation – set tilt, curve and high-frequency aberrations; open and closed-loop wavefront correction
  • Unique security feature for UHIL allowing safe closed loop at full power


A wide range of SMLS are comptatible – please contact us for more details

Sample list of tested Deformable Mirrors

  • ILAO/ILAO STAR series
  • Mirao 52 series
  • Alpao DM series
  • Boston Mini DM
  • Boston Multi DM
  • CILAS BIM series
  • CILAS MONO series
  • CILAS SAM serie
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